Hi Ladies! Well, there has been some frustration on my end here but I have to say that I just got to read all of the wonderful compliments left for me and wow, you guys have just lifted my mood by 100%! There were some severe thunderstorms and tornado's in my area Saturday. We weren't hit by any tornado's thankfully, but the lightening was very bad and I had to quickly turn off my computer. Window's won't start on it now but it is going in for repairs tomorrow and I should get it back very soon. By Thursday. I wish I had saved a post for the other card I had done and I could post it from here, at my mothers but I didn't know and can't access my pictures from here. Please check back later this week, as soon as my computer is back at home I'll have two more post that I hope you guys will enjoy too. I'm feeling disconnected from my computer "family" so I can't wait to get things back in working order. I'll see you guys and all of your wonderful creations then. Thanks for checking in and have a great week!


Codi Jo said...

OH I feel the pain. Just got laptop back, and sent pc over also.

Laurie tx stamper said...

Aaack! Computer-less is VERY frustrating, I know! Wait, that means you are internet-less too!?!? How are you managing, girl? Oh, I hope they get you fixed right up and back to running again..... can't wait to see what you've cooked up in stamping while the computer is down!

Priscilla Heaton aka priscillastyles said...

Hi Swawne :) How have you been..It has been a while since we chat. I started my own blog and would love for you to drop by. I posted my very first blog candy..come check it out and play with me. What do you have to’s free right?