Your vote is welcome! Card 1, 2 or 3?

Hey guys! Sorry I'm missing alot during the holiday's, I'm feeling like a bad blogger and I miss you all! I keep hoping to catch up on my blogging but, well, you know...I'm sure it's the same for you all at the moment, the season is merry and bright but busy as well! One thing I've been working on lately is these baby invites for a friend. So here I have 3 options, all are bashful blue and choclate chip colored in prisma's. The one with the star takes almost twice as long because every layer is embossed and the word baby is heat embossed, the last is the fastest and the other is somewhere in the middle(and maybe my favorite)I need cute and quick because I have about 20 to make plus 2 more detailed keepsakes for the mommy to be and my friend who is becoming a first time um, it's hard to imagine saying, starts with a G... I'll leave it at that since she's only a couple of years older than me. I kinda get choked on the words, LOL! By the way I'll be turning 33 the very day after Christmas, happy almost birthday to me! It's funny how after 20 you just don't think about it anymore but then your birthday rolls around and it's like no way am I really (you can fill in the blank)! I just don't feel this old,( I'm seeing wrinkles, eek! LOL!) it seems like just yesterday sometimes that I was in high school. Ok, with 4 kids sometimes I feel ancient and tired but mostly time has flown by!
I have to take a moment out to honor my best friend, my brother and say Happy Birthday. His is today, time really does fly, it doesn't seem like almost 11 years since I've heard his sweet voice or seen his beautiful smile. He would be 30, he died in a crash just 5 weeks after he turned 19. If you can send a little prayer out for my parents, this time of year is just hard. Thank you all! Hugz!


Vicki said...

Goodness, I love all 3 of the cards. How about option #4, LOL. I think I would like the 3rd card with embossed stripes along the bottom like #2. Love that color combo by the way!

I'm so sorry for your family's loss so many years ago. I know it's not just difficult right now for your parents, but you too. I pray that God will wrap His arms around you all during this time!

Rhonda Miller said...

What a difficult decision. They are all great cards. I think number 1 catches my eye the most though. I love the colors and papers and that is a sweet image.

Happy almost birthday to you!!

I am sorry to hear about your brother. I will keep your family in my prayers.

Vijaya Siddharth said...

Love Card 1....2 is good too..

I am sorry for your loss..

Leah the Orange said...

Shawne, first of all, Happy Birthday to your brother - I'm sure he's smiling down on you right now (and inspiring your wonderful craftiness!) - I'm very sorry that your family had to endure such a tragic loss.

As for the cards, I like #1 the best. The star is too "Texas-y" in #2 (in my humble opinion), and #3 is missing the extra little je ne sais quoi... wait, JE SAIS QUOI! it's the little embellies, and just that right amount of balance.

They're all beautiful though - you did a wonderful job!

Kim. said...

All three are beautiful but I think number 1 just has the edge. Great image for baby cards.
Thinking of you and your family at this difficult time and I have to say my what a handsome young mand your brother was.
Kim xXx

Lori said...

Well, I'm going with card #1 as my favorite. Very cute! Happy early Birthday to you. I said a little prayer for your parents and for you, I can't even imagine loosing my little brother. :(

Kelly Schelske said...

Honestly I love them all, I think #1 is my fav, but really they are all fabulous!

Thinking of you and your family today!

Chef Mama Lori said...

Shawne, I like the first & last ones. I think the swiss dots just are so cute for a baby card of any sort, so the last one with some dots maybe. They are all cute. I giggled at Leah's "Texas-y" since I live here (as does Laurie who draws the Charlie horses). I thought it was like a sheriff star, but once she said that I thought, "Oh, yeah, it is Texas-y!"

About turning 33, you are a youngster! Happy almost birthday! It must have been super busy growing up with 2 birthdays & Christmas all the same month.

I'll pray for your parents. I also lost a brother in a car accident. My brother was 17 & I was 12. It's been over 30 years now & time does heal, but I know when his birthday & date of death roll around memories swell. Prayers for your family, Shawne.

Katie Renz said...

Well happy birthday to your brother... so sad for you and your family.

I like the 2nd actually, could you just stamp the baby on the start?

But know that number one is a very, very close second.

Either way, they are all awesome and anyone of them would be perfect.

Karen B said...

Card #1 really jumps out. Love the layering.

Laurie tx stamper said...

All 3 are adorable, but i think the last one is the best. I think it has something to do with the labels 2 die shape, it just accents the baby horse image the best.
I'm sure this time of year is hard for your whole family, I am sorry to hear that, and wish your family courage and strength through the holidays.

tamara davis said...

my favorite is #1 but all of them are really great! So sorry about your brother, I hope your parents can have a happy holiday season knowing that he's with them in their hearts.

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

I also like the last one the best. I like the shape of the nests you used and the fact that the 'baby' is one the right hand side.

SO sorry to learn about your brother, I am sure he left in hole in your hearts. Blessings Shawne

chercroppin said...

Oh Sweetie, I will definitely say a prayer for your family...I'm so sorry about your brother ~hugs~

As for your cards...they're all too cute, but I would have to say that first one is my fave : )

And Happy Birthday day-after-Christmas Shawne!

JAN said...

card no 2 gets mine and my daughters vote

Gloria said...

First of all... ((((HUGS)))) to you and your family!

I really like all three cards, but if I had to pick just one card...the first one is the one I would chose.

Scrappin' Kat Woman said...


I love #1, but if you are facing a time constraint, #3 is my first choice. All 3 are just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...


Rosalee said...

I like card 3
But they all look great
hugs, Rosalee

itsabrt said...

I love the last card, that's my favorite labels! I am sending out prayers holidays as wonderful as they are can be painful as well! Beth

True :) said...

Card #1 would be my first pick but I love them all.
I will send a prayer up for your family for peace and happy memories of your brother.
True :)

Jenny said...

I would have to say I love them all, but #3 is my favorite!
Happy Holidays!

Regina said...

they are all 3 beautiful but I keeping going back to the first one!

I am sorry for your families loss. I know how hard it is to loose a loved one. I will be praying for you and your family!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday!

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Hi shawne. Awww...these cards are beautiful! I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I'm sure it is very difficult at this time of year. God Bless you and your family. Please know your thought of and loved at this holiday season. I wanted to tell you too I enjoyed working along side of you on the CDS DT. *hugs* sue

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh Shawne, this post brought tears to my ears. I am so sorry about the loss of your brother. What a hard time of year to suffer a loss!! My prayers go out to your parents and you. My mother in law has been gone ten years and I know what you mean when you say it does not seem like that long ago. It remains fresh in my mind. Big Hugs to you my friend!!

I couldn't vote on these beauties Shawne. I love the uniqueness and the beauty of them all. Sweet baby cards!

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Big hugs,

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh....Happy Birthday Shawne. May God bless you with many more happy healthy years!

Carolyn said...

Hi Shawne~ I wanted to drop by and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Also, Happy Birthday to you!! You are a sweet friend, and I am blessed to have come to know you through my craft. I cannot choose a favorite of your work, because they are all equally as beautiful to me. You are a very talented lady.
I am very sorry for the loss of your brother. I know how hard it is to lose a loved one, and my prayers will be with your family during this time. I hope that you will find the time to enjoy your girls, and your baby's first Christmas with you, as I am sure that your brother would love that and will be looking down on you with smiles at the love and happiness that you all share.

Hugs and blessings to you and your family!


Dawn B. said...

How could you ever pick one.. They are all amazing Shawne.. I love the blues.. I am saying a prayer for your family as this must be so difficult.. I am sure he is blessing you and your family at this time from Heaven.. Happy Birthday too..hugs.

Vanessa Middleton said...

Hi, Shawne. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about the loss of your brother. I can't imagine what you all went through but Happy Birthday to you both!!! Me and one of my brothers are actually 3 years apart and our birthdays are 2 weeks apart to the day, almost identical to you and yours :) Thinking of you! xoxo

Tricia said...

#1 or #3, I think. I am so amazed at you. You can create gorgeous simple cards and gorgeous multi-layered and embellished cards. I'm so thankful you share your talent with CDS and with all of us!!!

Happy Birthday, a day late! I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!!

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. This time of year must be hard. I'm thankful you had him for 19 years. What wonderful memories of being together you must have.

Blessings, my friend!


Sue @ McMahon Five Designs said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother. I hope you find peace in seeing him again some day! I hope your family had a beautiful holiday season.