Hello Out There!

I know I seem to have been absent for awhile, sorry about that but I have managed to visit some of your lovely and inspiring blogs. I just wanted to pop in and share a moment of clarity I had last night as I sat on the couch. I'm holding my sweet Bella and looking into her huge round eyes, kissing her tiny nose and big soft pink cheeks and thinking how much I love this baby and at that moment she spits up projectile in my face and hair. LOL! What better to show just what is the true meaning of motherhood, life and unconditional love? Funny. Hope you all having a good week, I'll be back later this week with a post or two. See you then!


Cassie said...

LOL, that is so true, Shawne. That is the definition of motherhood. I've missed seeing your work, but I think of you everytime I pull out one of your lovely stamps to make a card. Just that is enough to inspire me. I hope you're having a lovely time with your family, and a great day ;D

Karen B said...

ya gotta love em don't ya. They do that because they can and we love them for it. Thanks for checking in. I was wondering where you were.

stephanne said...

Hahahaha, oh yes, there is always some sort of excretion involved that brings moments like those back to earth!! I've been popping by checking out older things while waiting for new posts, can't wait to see what you've been creating!!

Carolyn said...

What an awesome story, Shawne. Love hearing this from you and that you are enjoying your time with your sweet little baby. Baby spit up...and projectile no less. lol. I remember that. Thank God it is from a baby though, right? The moments to treasure and always remember with a smile. Take care, and big hugs to you and your sweetie.


stampinganja said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Shawne! I think it's the only "job"
out in the world where you get spit on and sometimes worse things!
It's a good thing that our love for them is unconditional.
Looking forward to see your next
Take care, Anja

chercroppin said...

Hiya Shawne....oh no!!! I can picture that....I too had a couple events like that when mine were babes! I still cannot believe my son w/be 23 this July and daughter w/be 20!! Time does fly kiss her little nose, and enjoy those precious moments while she's little....even during the mess! : )

PenLight said...

This is a fantastic story! Precious and gross all in one swoop. You are right. It is the perfect example of motherhood. :0)

Laurie said...

Oh, Shawne, I was just saying 'ahhh' when I got to the spitting up part. You just have to laugh. I always tell my son (who is 19 now!) that it's a good thing he's so cute. You can use that with Bella if you want. :)

Love your cards, as always. The monkey heart-tails is sooo sweet.

Hugs, Laurie

Risa said...

Oh...What a beautiful scenario of mother and child bonding! Thanks for sharing this precious moment with us.

Anonymous said...

She sounds like my Christopher.
He was a projectile vomiter and has reflux. Bless his heart. One time he knocked off my glasses, God love him!

take care of yourself and no worries. We will all be around.

True :) said...

You are always good for a chuckle my friend! If Bella looks anything like her mommy, she has got to be gorgeous...spit up and all! LOL!
True :D