4 "Trash" Art Projects for HSC3! What Can You Make with Your Trash?!

Hello All! This month at the Hotspot challenge we are celebrating Earth Day by using "trash" on our projects, it's really fun to see what you can create out of trash besides a big dirty pile! And rewarding too! I know that alone isn't going to save our planet but every little bit helps right? I have four projects to share with you, yeah, you heard me right four! Hard to believe I would be posting four at once huh? but the thing is once I started trying to think of what trash I could recycle or repurpose the idea's just kept coming! I think given enough time I copuld have done 20! Ahhh, but the clock is always tickin' so here are my four...

Who knew you could get such beautiful "dp" from a used Pizza box? To be exact an Archer Farms cheese pizza box! Target's brand I think. I thought the traditional pattern and colors were perfect for The Heart of a Dragon image, it really goes with the whole medieval look that I was going for I think. I did the reverse of what you would normally do here and used the sentiments as the main image and did an accent tag using the dragon. This spellbinders Label reminded me of a shield so I used it to cut out my Dragon.

This one was super easy, it's really much cuter in person. when I realized the raised pattern in the glass at the top of the bottle looks just like the pattern on the decorated egg plus the shape of this bottle I knew of all of the bottles in my stash of bottles this was the one for this project! Yes, I'm admitting I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to glass bottles and jars, they are just so handy and we have hardly any cups at our house with four kids they just keep getting broken so we are just about down to nothing but my beloved jars, honestly they are much less likely to tip over and brake than cups anyway, LOL! I used the Easter Bunny image on here and filled the bottle with M&M's!

this card has been a year in the making! Can you believe it? I started it last year and before I got it done Easter was over :( This is the Egg Hunt image. I ended up scraping the original card base so that there would be room for these flowers I handmade from, guess what? My used coffee filters! Yup, you heard right! They have a beautiful aged color from the coffee that worked really well with my card. I rinsed them and sat them out in the sun to dry and freshen them,they are cut from one of the Spellbinder Blossom dies. Really a fun project!

On this card I used for my "dp" a section cut from the case that a 12 pack of Fresca was in. I thought the pattern was really cool and when I was trying to decide on an image to use realized that it matched the pattern on this egg from the Hatching Eggs set perfectly! Score! :)
We would love to see what you could come up with too over at the Hotspot Challenge!


Dianne said...

Shawne, these are all beautiful. I really like the little girl bending over.


Birgit said...

what great cards and the jar-great for easter! I love the dragon and how you oput it all together. They are all just great!

Kristine said...

WOW, WOW, WOW, Shawne!! Love each and every one of these awesome projects!! I now pronounce you QUEEN of trash, I mean RECYCLING!! I don't know why, but I just have such a hard time finding good trash. I need someone to open my eyes--remind me of all the creative things that can be done with simple household items. That bunny bottle is just the cutest!! =) Thanks for sharing!

Jean said...

3 Great projects, really like the dimension of the girl bending over card, so much cutting detail in them. The bottle is so cute, and who wouldn't love to get one of those recycled or not? LOL

Crafty Cath said...

Can't tell you how many times I leave a card unfinished because the holiday passes me by. Your Easter Egg Hunt card is so cute. The shading had me going back for a closer look. Love when that happens!